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The connection between love and consciousness

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

I'll start by saying that I know that not everyone will agree with me, and that's fine. This is just what I want to believe because I like the idea of love being all that is real. But please before you disregard what I have to say, hear me out, because I've actually thought about this a lot.

First, consciousness. I'll start by saying that no one is really able to explain what consciousness is. Sure, there are patterns of neurons firing all the time and destruction of part of the brain does result in specific losses, but to me, consciousness is much more complex than that.

If consciousness arises through the transmission of an electrical signal through webs of neurons, then how does creativity work. Because creativity is thinking in a new way, doing something no one else has done before. There is a common saying in neuroscience that "neurons that fire together, wire together" and that is how learning takes place. But I believe that learning is often a spontaneous occurrence - you can't make the connection between ideas until all of a sudden you do. And then after that initial connection is made, repetition will strengthen the connection, resulting in patterns of thought. So what causes that jump? 

I learned during my undergraduate degree all about the brain - dendrites and synapses, neuroplasticity, and neurochemicals that regulate neural communication. But for some reason I find it incredibly hard to explain human experience using these things alone. I studied psychology during my undergrad as well and to be honest, I didn't like it as much as the harder sciences. I thought it was too "fluffy" in that I didn't like how there wasn't a definitive right answer to a lot of questions. But I have to say that I have a lot more appreciation for the field now, for exactly that reason. Psychology is basically the study of consciousness, which is incredibly complex and hard to study. It's also riddled with bias, which is almost unavoidable due to the nature of our humanity. But it is interesting.

Carl Yung's ideas are some that have influenced me the most. I believe in his theory of the collective unconscious and some researchers believe there is amounting evidence of its existence as well. The basic premise is that we are all connected at the subconscious level. And I believe that this connection becomes stronger the closer emotionally two people are. Have you ever been with a good friend or partner and they say something you were just thinking? Some people say "we're on the same wavelength" and I think that's exactly true.

I'm not entirely sure about how the two are related, but in my mind, love between two people will increase the likelihood of these synchronous events. Some would argue that it is just because the two people are used to the way each other think. But that actually sounds like evidence to me that their subconscious minds are connected somehow. And it's my belief that this can occur because consciousness is not localized to the inside of our brains, and this is true according to EEG's, which measure brain waves from outside the skull. So is it possible that the brain waves from my mind are interacting with the brain waves with yours? I think so. And because of quantum entanglement I don't even think two people necessarily need to be close together. 

Rupert Sheldrake is a controversial researcher who studies noetic sciences, which is the science of morphic fields which connect our consciousness, and I'm a fan of his work. Mostly because I've experienced the things he's talked about, and so have many other people. Most people just write the coincidences off as coincidences. And he has also found evidence between humans and their pets, which is also very interesting.

So if a love connection makes a connection between two people stronger, could love then be the basis of consciousness?

Not all thoughts are based in love though. So that's where it gets a little bit confusing. But I think that maybe love is the default state that human's are meant to live in. And that other emotions are just clouding over the love filled thoughts. There is a theory that every emotion corresponds to an energetic frequency, and that love is the highest frequency. Love will produce a vibration that is in harmony with others, while the more "negative" emotions produce a vibration that is lower and causes distortions when the wavelengths interact. 

So consciousness and love are made of the same stuff in my opinion. And it's both love and consciousness that are connecting us all. And to improve the state of the world we all need to work on increasing the love and the connection. And I honestly believe that it is already happening. Compared to a few hundred years ago there are far fewer wars and generally people are more accepting of differences, religious or otherwise. I heard yesterday on the radio that last year Donald Trump was the most Googled person in the world, even in far off remote countries. I think the whole world is afraid of what his presidency means. But I'm saying maybe it happened for a reason, maybe Donald Trump is like being diagnosed with a fatal disease. Maybe he's the wake up call we all need to take a look at the current state of the world and set the intention that we will all do our part to make the world better for everyone. Or at least that's what I'm telling myself ha. Still finding it hard to believe he won. Talk about a nightmare.

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