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Am I living in a simulated reality?

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

For me, the easiest way to accept that I am, is to think about dreaming. Dream theory is not a new idea. Plato and Aristotle contemplated the nature of reality being analogous to a dream over 2000 years ago, and we still have no way to prove with complete certainty that what we all experience as reality isn't only a construct of the mind. I recently had a lucid dream where I was at an old rec centre I used to go to. I was in the lobby and realized I was dreaming, I'm not sure what the sign was that told me it was a dream in this instance (often it's looking at a phone and trying to dial a phone number and not being able to enter the number in correctly, after which I usually wake up), but this time I was able to stay in the dream and think to myself that if I drink water from the water fountain, it should feel like I'm drinking water (this is after I had been thinking for about a year that life is a dream) and it did. Then I thought that it should then also feel like a solid object if I touched this cabinet type thing and that did too. For whatever reason I was able to remember that dream, I don't often remember dreams very well except for the ones that maybe are especially significant to me. So if an object looks and feels real, and sometimes I've even tasted things in dreams too (another common lucid dream for me is realizing I'm dreaming and going crazy eating everything lol), and that's the sensory experience that I remember, so it was likely even stronger in the dream state, it seems likely to me that I am in fact dreaming right now.

I don't feel the wild excitement I usually do when I'm lucid dreaming though most of the time, but maybe it's coming. I've had some beautiful dreams too. Landscapes that I've never seen before which seemed enchanted and gleaming. But pretty hard to define in words, as are most dreams. But if I could choose a vision for the future, that would be it. I guess what I'm getting at is that if this reality really is only a simulation/dream, it doesn't need to make people uncomfortable if we all take control of what we want this lucid dream to be, and dream of a future filled with all the things we all want most. For me those things are peace, love and understanding. Progress AND humanitarianism. And ensuring the continued survival of our planet by each doing our part to reverse the environmental destruction that has taken place and to care more about all living things on the planet. And I think everyone would agree. And I believe that because we all want those things, they are slowly coming to realization - we are already in the process of manifesting them. But people are still suffering, so the faster, the better in my opinion.

Life being a simulation/dream is also very exciting in terms of what we can do on a personal level. I've been experimenting on myself with different thought experiments to test the limitations of what is possible with the power of belief. They ended up getting me into a situation that was not what I thought I wanted at the time, but I'm sure there's a good reason for that happening as well. I'll write more about the experience later. But basically what I was able to prove to myself is that belief has a lot more power over my body processes than I had previously thought possible, and has got me thinking about how it is possible that everything we experience is molded by conditioned experiences. In other words we have been conditioned since birth to believe things about the nature of reality, but if you can break down those beliefs you can control your physiology, including things like inducing self-healing and reducing amount of sleep and food.

Psychoneuroimmunology/psychoneuroendocrinology is the study of how consciousness affects the immune system and endocrine system, respectively. And since it is becoming more and more established in the medical community that inflammation, which is mediated by the immune system, is a key driving force to many diseases, it is empowering to believe that consciousness could have a role in immune reactivity. What the necessary means are exactly, I suspect is just believing that the immune system is in balance and that the body is healthy and well. I've had meditation experiences where I would use a hypnotherapy recording to enter deep relaxation and then visualize healing energy being transported to all the cells in my body. I've never had a serious disease but this technique couldn't hurt and I truly believe based on the things I've experienced that meditation on the body's ability to heal itself would be beneficial for anyone who believed it would be. When it comes to medicine I like to think of all the different therapy options as tools. So whether it's Western medicine, Chinese medicine, Ayurveda, naturopathy or whatever else that you believe in the most, I believe that the right treatment option is always the one you believe will work the best.

The simulation hypothesis can also be empowering in terms of the direction your life is taking. I admit that I've had a privileged life compared to most people in the world, and I've felt guilty for feeling the dissatisfaction I've felt about my own life. But that doesn't mean I should live a life I don't love. I truly believe that by making ourselves happy we make those around us happy too, and that every person on earth will be the best at what they love doing the most. Because when we do things we love it doesn't feel like hard work. Some might argue that some people are bad and the things they love are going to cause harm to other people, but I don't agree. I believe that if you put love into anything it can't help but benefit others. People who do harm are people who are sad and confused. I also believe that people react to hatred with hatred. What goes around, comes around, as they say. So instead of focusing on what we don't love about our life I believe people should just go toward what makes them most happy. And if you believe that by doing so you will discover the thing that will give your life purpose, then I believe that it will. So do what makes you happy, and happiness will come find you. Put it out to the collective consciousness/universe/god and the universe will bring it back to you. If we can manifest Star Trek inventions that used to be science fiction, I'm quite sure you can manifest health and happiness in your own life. And if things aren't going exactly how you had hoped, try to see the silver lining, since there is almost always something that can be learned from every experience we have in life. The world really does look more beautiful through rose colored glasses, and there's nothing wrong with that.

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