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Why space may not really be the "final frontier"

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

Have you ever wondered about the expanding Universe? An older theory in physics postulated that the Universe has been expanding since the big bang. But what always confused me, is that it would have to expand into something. And for that to happen the Universe would have to be defined by an edge. Either that or the Universe is creating itself as it expands. Neither seems possible, and yet there is evidence.

But if we examine the reality I'm experiencing, every time we believe there is a limit, we are later proven wrong. A molecule was the smallest unit of matter, until it was the atom, until it was the electron, until it was other subatomic particles, or maybe strings? And going bigger. How long ago was it that humans realized that the earth exists in a thing called "space"? Not very long, evolutionary speaking. And then we realized we live in a solar system. Then in a galaxy, then as one galaxy in a Universe with over 100 billion galaxies. So is that it then? Is our observable universe the last thing? I highly doubt it.

There is the multiverse theory in physics as well. That we exists on a type of 2 dimensional membrane that is projected into 3 dimensions and that these membranes exist parallel to each other. And maybe it was one membrane bumping into another that caused the big bang. And people question when I talk about life being a dream. Ha.

Even the human body is made up of fractals. "I" am Breanna. But "I" am made up of organ systems, that are made up of tissues, that are made up of cells, that are made up of molecules, that are made up of atoms, that are made up of sub atomic particles, that are made up of quantic entities. And down and down it probably goes.

But if I'm experiencing consciousness at the level I call "Breanna" and consciousness is supposedly made up of physical matter, it seems to me pretty obvious that the cells would need to have a sort of consciousness of their own. Some scientists say consciousness is an emergent property of the specific arrangement of nervous cells. Maybe. But if nerves run throughout the entire body, then wouldn't the body itself be conscious? I think so.

And if matter is composed of atoms, couldn't we then say that atoms are conscious? So then wouldn't it be reasonable to say that everything that's composed of atoms is inherently conscious? I do talk to my car sometimes, but I never really believed until recently that it might hear me. But wait a minute, cars don't have ears. Well who's to say a car would need to hear the same way we do. The star nosed mole doesn't need eyes to see. And if we don't see with our eyes, we perceive with our mind, which is consciousness, then wouldn't a person also hear with their mind? Because all sound is waves as well. And interpretation of various waves seems to be what gives us consciousness, so maybe there are ways to interpret waves that we have yet to discover. There likely are. It's a naive thing to think we know it all, or ever will. But trying to put it all together in a way that makes sense is part of the fun of being alive.

So what is past the known universe? I haven't got a clue. But consciousness might really be all there is, and everyone and everything is a wave in the cosmic ocean. Pretty hard to believe, but so are most religious beliefs. It's looking to me like science and religion aren't so different after all. And wouldn't that be nice.

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