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Do you drive creativity or does creativity drive you?

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

In my opinion, it's an elegant process. I believe that it is possible to force it, but that your art may reflect the frustration. Say if there was a deadline and it needed to be finished, it may reflect that you were rushed. So, in other words, it may not be your best work. So I suppose it's more a matter of what is important to you. If you want it to be your best work, I believe it is enough to set the intention to do it before a certain date and then wait until the urge arises to complete it. Or you could set the intention to work on it a little bit every day. Or you could set the intention to finish it all in one sitting. I've heard of some artists who express that they at times become overtaken by creativity, and it is almost as if it possesses them until they feel satisfied with their work. Could it be a creative energy then that is working through a person to express itself, or maybe that all conscious energy is creative in nature so it is consciousness expressed through an individual based on their past life experiences which makes each person's art unique? I prefer the latter notion. I believe that we are creative as a species. It's evident anywhere you look where humans have made their mark. New ways to solve problems, new ways to use materials, new ways to express ourselves. But because art is such a personal thing, I believe that often people find it difficult to be authentic, because it may mean creating something that is different from other people. But in reality, we ARE all unique, so we SHOULD always have a creative vision that is a little bit different. After all, everything in the Universe is open to interpretation.

However, humans are also complex because it is my belief that we both want to stand out from the crowd and be unique, but also fear social rejection. But I believe that's why people need to work more on self-love. I used to be so afraid of being conceited that I would never dare say I love myself. But why shouldn't we all love ourselves. I think it's a necessary thing to ensure continued health. But when our bodies don't perform the way they should, we turn against them and blame them for letting us down. Not to mention the constant inner critic most of us have become so accustomed to that we don't even realize we are hating ourselves on an presumably almost continual basis. How does it feel when we feel that someone else hates us? No one on the entire planet can say it feels good. And it is my belief that constant negative self-talk may result in the creation of disease inside the body, through the endocrine and immune systems, as I mentioned in a previous blog post. I even believe that a continued state of health extending far beyond what we had previously thought possible is possible through both loving ourselves, and believing that it is possible to extend life. So in my opinion, the best thing anyone can do for their health, right now, is to love them-self. Heck even Justin Bieber knows it. And I'm going to attempt an explanation of the mechanism in a future blog post about how emotions can affect the length of telomeres and other metabolic factors. And for those whose life circumstances are feeling so out of their control that they cannot make themselves believe in a different life, it is up to those who have found a way to create their dream life to not only help ourselves, but help them achieve their dreams as well.

So if we are the ones who decide what we like, and what we like determines what we're good at, and feeling confident about our abilities helps us love ourselves, and loving ourselves helps promote our continued wellbeing, the goal of every person's life should be to do what they like. And it will become what you excel at. And because you love it, and you excel at it, and if you want that thing to ensure financial security, it can do that too. You really can do exactly what you love most with your life. And create a dream reality. Do you know right now what it is that makes you happy? And do you want to do that more? If you want it badly enough, you will find a way. And that's what being a lucid dreamer is all about. So start driving your personal creative force and make a life you love happen.

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