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Who is God, anyways?

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

I want to begin by saying that I don't mean any offense with the things I like to write about. I know spirituality is a very important part of some people's lives, so I don't mean to down play your spiritual beliefs in any sense. I just want to reflect on what the word "God" means, and how it really shouldn't be a matter of conflict. To me God is unconditional love. And love is all that should matter, including self-love. What can save our world? Love can. Caring about our own welfare and the welfare of every other thing on earth, including the earth itself, is what is going to save us all, so I don't understand why the idea of "God" still separates us.

I grew up in a pretty devout catholic family. And so from a young age I was taught about God loving me. And I honestly believe that religion can be very good for children in a sense because it gives them another figure in their life that they are able to turn to when they feel there is no one else who cares. Another source of unconditional love. And Jesus, as seen from my catholic perspective, is an example of a person who is close to the ideal person. He treated everyone with so much love that he is a good standard for people to follow. "What Would Jesus Do?", he would love everyone on earth. So Catholicism is right in a way.

My current views surrounding God, however, are more similar to new age views about a cosmic connectedness. And because I believe in consciousness connecting us as well, and the ability to manifest a life we dream of, and because I believe the state humans are meant to live in is that of love, we are all Gods in a way because we can all love unconditionally as well. And maybe there is a larger God who is looking out for us, which I have no trouble with at all as long as people still act with compassion towards each other down here. So the word God, in my interpretation is nothing anyone should ever feel upset about. There's no "my god and your god", there's only peace, love and understanding which we can all manifest through our ability to create.

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