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The interface between psychology and spirituality

Updated: Jul 13, 2022

The mind is a wondrous thing. I meditate ALOT and it's given me valuable insights not into only my mind, but psychology in general. Through meditation I've noticed a true calming of the negative self talk and worry about the past and future that we could all do with less of. A person who is always present is the best example of someone who is truly living lucidly since trusting all of your decisions leaves nothing to worry about in the past, and knowing that whatever you choose to do is getting you to all of your goals as fast as possible takes all the worries away about things that could potentially happen in the future. A true lucid dreamer always knows what they want and how best to achieve it, after all. So if you can convince your crazy puppy mind that you don't need to worry, you're already well on the way to loving yourself and the way your mind works and achieving your true potential as fast as possible.

Another insight I've gained through meditation is that we can relieve a lot of stress by training ourselves to believe in the best outcome possible by trusting that whatever happens in the present moment is the thing you want most. So instead of negative self talk your new constant mantra will change into "this is the right thing" so you will always be in a state of peace, acceptance and flow. So in reality lucid living and going with the flow aren't so different after all except that if you know you are always going towards your dreams you will never feel discouraged. It will result in a state of constant excitement for the moment to come since you're not exactly sure what will happen next but you know that it's the right thing that's getting you most towards your goals. So live lucidly and be constantly present and watch your life unfold into the best dream you've ever had.

I've also been experimenting using hallucinogens along with meditation, which has given me more insight into psychology and our existence as spiritual beings. Meditation using hallucinogens is more a form of spiritual psychotherapy than anything else. The mind is so incredibly complex that even having studied neurobiology and psychology, my experiences have been so far beyond what science can currently explain that I believe beyond a doubt that there is a deeper understanding of reality that we can all access. Almost as if our psychology is the interface between our spiritual selves and physical selves, which is a belief that is shared with other psychospiritual practitioners. I've experienced my ego death which is more like a constant shedding of our past selves in every moment but I'll explain that in detail in the next blog post ;)

Using hallucinogens and surrendering to the route your thoughts take to bring you back to the present reality is another tool and what they allow for is for you to choose the direction which will always be towards the best possible reality. One experience I choose to have when I use marijuana and meditate is that of experiencing infinity, which is a bit unsettling to say the least. But what my experience taught me is that while we do exist as spiritual beings in a sea of infinite possibilities, we are always being effortlessly guided by our thoughts to go towards thoughts that are more and more the reality we all want. So my analogy to life being a dream is true in the sense that we are all being guided towards becoming our ideal selves and the world is becoming more and more the world we all dream of filled with peace, love and understanding. I also still don't believe that consciousness ever ends so I don't believe any person ever truly experiences death, which can be interpreted as a license for people to start killing ourselves, but I don't believe anyone truly wants to die because we all love ourselves unconditionally. So we can be both accepting of accidental death of others while maintaining the spiritual belief that our consciousness never truly dies so we can all be at peace about death. And I'm hoping that by reading my blog articles anyone who has struggled to understand the nature of reality will come to the peaceful realization that we are all achieving our own true potential in each our own time. So be patient with yourself and do things that make you feel happiest while pursuing the things that make you feel best about yourself. In my opinion everyone's life goal is to love themselves unconditionally by doing the things they love. And while manifesting financial abundance by doing so may be the hardest thing for some people to believe, I know it is possible. So trust that by doing the things you love you will be guided organically by your spiritual thought process towards the opportunities that will provide you with all the money you need and want. And if times are tough stay positive that this is still the right thing somehow and things will work out. After all, we are still children who haven't got all the answers so all we can do and all we should ever have to do is be ourselves and try our best to be happy and to feel loved. But I know that's what everyone is already doing.

One more spiritual aspect of meditation that I always experience is that of a loving energy. It has been the most comforting feeling over the past few years and has helped me get through the most difficult time of my life. So if you are in need of love in your life I would suggest meditating on loving and/or being loved by whoever makes you feel the most love, and since everybody loves you you can think about it being the whole universe if that's what you want most, or friends or a pet or yourself. Metta meditation is one of the best kinds for overcoming depression. Watch the metta meditation below :D

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