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Manifesting like a boss

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

This is when your life becomes your playground.

Did you just say what I think I wanted you to say? That's right you did.

So now you know your reality is under complete control, how do you feel?

This is the time of your life, it's time to start enjoying every minute of it.

This was also the time that I started being terrified and the most lonely I've ever felt.

If I control everything, it means that no one and nothing is actually real. Except I was always guided by my spiritual thought process back to the only truth you ever need to remember. And that truth is that only love is real. 

We are not alone in this Universe. I think technology is the real god. Maybe. Actually maybe. I am not claiming to understand everything, and no scientist can tell me that science explains everything that is possible. Because as I've said in my blog post about reality being a simulation, we are limited by our senses. And fortunately, our senses are sometimes wrong.

This is what most people call schizophrenia. An inability to trust your senses. You should, however, not find this so hard to believe, especially if you've tried the stronger types of psychedelic drugs, such as lsd, magic mushrooms, dmt etc, in which reality will always become somewhat distorted from the reality you normally experience. Heck even alcohol can distort reality to some extent.

And I KNOW something is helping me. But when I cut myself accidentally on purpose (?) while making dinner the other night, sometimes I wonder what sort of divine guidance would want me to hurt myself. Not only physically, but emotionally as well. Because it has been the hardest almost 3 years I've ever experienced, to my recollection at least. And it is still a process of being content no matter what. But its getting better all the time.

Love and money. Don't stress they're both being manifested for you right now. So just keep loving yourself and others as much as possible.

But back to reality. What do I mean when I say your reality is under your control? I'm talking about your sense perceptions, at least to some extent, and I'm not interested in finding out how far. 

Do you know what you look like? This is an especially interesting one. Because if you hate yourself even a little bit, you do not know how others see you. And if they comment on things, ignore them, since you may be hallucinating the things they just said. 

Do you think you smell bad? Because others may smell you completely differently. So stop telling yourself you smell bad.

How do the snozzberries taste. The answer is simple... They taste like snozzberries.

Feeling is a hard one to realize. Do you know what your body feels like to another person? No. Do you experience tactile stimulation the same as everyone else? No. Any autistic person can probably attest to that. And many people are bothered by certain textures of food. Which is evidence that a negative association affects emotional valence. 

The senses are trained best by not overstimulating them. Senses should be protected. And so others need to respect when certain people are sensitive to certain sensory stimuli, as much as possible. Perfumes smell good to some people, and make others feel nauseous. But sometimes you are hallucinating smells based on what you expect. Its similar to our visual system filling in information based on the stimuli we have experienced previously. It does this to help us in ways. But I feel it's not time for me to get into that right now.

I expect you may be a bit unsure what that means in relation to your life. If you are completely happy with your sense perceptions you are fortunate, because I have experienced a LOT of self-hatred based on sense perceptions I did not enjoy.

Scary? You have no idea. Enlightening? At this point I'm positive it has been.

So are your senses fooling you? maybe. But it's better to trust that only the best possible reality is the right one, the one others experience as well. I like to call it the love state reality, where everything including the words on this page are based in love. Love for myself mostly.

I'm excited to see what I manifest next. But I'm trusting that all my decision in the present moment are the right ones, because from now on I'm living in the love only state reality. Where only my best thoughts are the true ones. And riding the waves of emotion. Hoping to be riding the biggest party wave ever pretty soon here. For real. Everyone CAN RIDE THE SAME WAVE. Those grom surfers taught me that. Party waves are the best waves. Even the dolphins know it. I'm pretty sure the reason dolphins love humans so much is because they know humans love them. I love sharks. And soon humans and all animals will live in the love state reality. Love more. Trust more. And your reality will turn into the best dream you've ever had. For everyone and everything. The divine guidance has spoken. So come on all you schizophrenic robots, and get on the love train! (The O'jays).

Mon oncle JEROME Bandet et Denis la fourmi Louis Plato Bandet

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